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Class of 2018 Seniors

Louise Li – President

Keandre Deseo – Vice President

Joanna Blas – Secretary

Michelle Galang – Treasurer

Class of 2019 Juniors

Mozelle Campo – President

Joseph Francis Yanto – Vice President

Darlyn Ubarra – Secretary

Samantha Francisco – Treasurer

Class of 2020 Sophomores

Donna Galvez – President

Kimberly Agulto – Vice President

Christian Aldan – Secretary

Raiza Salazar - Treasurer

2017-2018 Freshmen Class Officer

President: Katrina Costales

Vice President: Denzel Gatbonton

Secretary: Nilo Calimag

Treasurer: Tioni Reyes

[ Club Meetings, Rehearsals, & Practices ]


     STUCO- 11:45 AM in E201

     MHS International Chess Club- 11:50 AM in the E202

     MHS Rhythm 'N Harmony GLEE Club- 6:00 PM in Dolphin Theatre



     Seniors- 12:00 PM in the Library

     JROTC Dolphin Battalion- 11:50 AM in S101

     ITS Tech- 12:00pm at D-104

     Korean Club- 11:40 AM in T102

     MHS Art Club- 11:50 AM in T201

     MHS Cheerleading: OFFICERS ONLY- 12pm at F-203

     MHS Productions Club- Lunch Time at the D-104

     MHS Red Cross Club- 11:50 AM in E104

     Refaluwasch Cultural Club “RCC”- 12:00 PM in E201

     Saipan Mighty Dolphins Leo Club- 12:00 PM in F204



     Junior Class- 11:50 AM in F205

     Sophomore Class- 11:50 AM in F101

     Band Club-  11:55 AM in  M101

     Chinese Club- 12:00 PM in A205 or E202

     Close Up Club- 11:50 AM in E204

     MHS Cheerleading- 3:30pm at F-203

     Filipino Club- 12:00 PM in F204

     Japanese Club- 11:50 AM in J-103

     Interact Club- 11:45 AM in E202

     MHS Maker Club- 11:35 AM in J104

     MHS Polksai Chamorro Club- 11:50 AM in E104

     MHS Rhythm 'N Harmony GLEE Club- 6:00 PM in Dolphin Theatre

     MY WAVE CLUB- OFFICERS ONLY- 12:00 PM in F203


     Freshmen Class- Every other Thursday at 11:50 AM in A201

     MHS Futsal Club- 11:50 AM in S104

     2018 Japan Ski Trip- 11:45 AM in D103

     JROTC Dolphin Battalion- 11:50 AM in S101

     Micronesian Chuukese Club- 11:40 AM in F203

     Theatre Club- 11:50 AM in Dolphin Theatre

     NSDA- 11:50 AM in T-102

     MHS Choral-  3:15 PM in M101

     MHS Writing Club- A-205 during lunch

     MY WAVE CLUB- 12:00 PM in F203

     Youth Advisory Panel (YAP)- 12:00 PM in A201


     Conservation Action Plan Committee Club- 12:00 PM in C102

     National Honor Society- 12:00 PM in E203

     MHS Rhythm 'N Harmony GLEE Club- 6:00 PM in Dolphin Theatre

     Hui Ukulele Club- A202 at 11:55 am.



SY2017-2018 Student Council Officers

Ryan Relucio, Vice President

Chloe Salvosa,


Miguel Aninon,


Jhon Mendoza,


Grace Choi

Amea Reyes